Valtrex 5 mth update – Leg Aching – CFS/ME

Valtrex 5 mth update – Leg Aching – CFS/ME

After 5 months on Valtrex I started to get really bad leg aching. Not fun. As CFS impedes our body’s ability to repair itself, I would rather not risk it and have decided to stop taking the Valtrex (and the T3 I was taking). I still recommend antivirals as the first line of defense but maybe not so much after 15 years of being sick as is my case. That said, this is an invaluable medication that has brought back much of my memory and I may end up back on this in the future but for right now I’m giving my kidneys and liver a break.

What it didn’t help for me so far:

– Extreme Cold Intolerance (T3 helped this A LOT but if Valtrex was truly resolving all my issues, it should have resolved my Reverse T3 issue which it did not thus far)
– Fatigue
-Chronic Costochondritis (if you guys want a video on this just let me know!)
-Hormone imbalances (still producing too much Reverse T3 and not enough ADH/vasopressin)

Why does my skin look so good you ask? Wahl’s Paleo Diet which is a version of the autoimmune paleo diet. Highly recommend this as it has also helped with mental fatigue and seems to be filling in a lot more of my deficiencies than my original gluten/dairy-free low sugar diet. If you’ll notice I’m thinking and speaking clearer in this video and I believe this is the result of both the Valtrex, Wahl’s Paleo, and a brief stint I had with Cytomel-T3.

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