Going through my most recent PALEO food haul from Thrive Market. I’m talking prices, ingredients, and the skinny on ACTIVATED NUTS. Should you join Thrive? Hopefully this video helps you decide based on your diet + shopping habits.

This video is not sponsored, I decided not to post as an affiliate because I always want to give my 100% honest opinion of the products and services that I review, and I am currently undecided if this is an economical / worthwhile thing for me or not.

If you want to try Thrive for yourself, click the link below!

*This is my referral link.

I hope you find this video helpful as a guide to what items you will receive from Thrive out of their Paleo value section. All these items are in fact paleo, which is great. I found the prices to be a bit high and I plan to post a video on items that I have found cheaper elsewhere. Stay tuned!

I shopped with a 30 day trial for Thrive Market and I got 20% off my first three orders with it. I do not plan to renew for now, but as usual, future = unknown. I used code WELCOME20 which is a great deal if you ask me.

Don’t forget to spend more than $49 to get free shipping per order!

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