THRIVE Market HAUL!! Paleo snacks & more!

THRIVE Market HAUL!! Paleo snacks & more!

Hey y’all I’m so excited to share this Haul. Thrive Market is a website where you can get meat, seafood, beauty, healthy, baby & kids, home, food, pet supplies, and so many other products.

I love this organization so much for the convenience of having a paleo section. They also have Gluten Free, Raw, vegan, whole 30, kosher, and other values you can search under in order to live the lifestyle you want without spending hours in a grocery store.

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Here are all the paleo and home product descriptions as promised! Comment any questions you may have.

Paleo food:

Thrive Market Brand:
Grass fed collagen peptides- 20 oz pouch $24
Organic cinnamon Apple sauce- four 4 oz cups (x2) $2.69
Organic berry burst granola- 10 oz bag $6.99
Organic coconut wraps- 7 wraps $7.49
Organic balsamic vinegar- 16.9 oz bottle $7.99
Organic dark chocolate- 2.8 oz bar (x3) $3.49
Organic zesty Italian crookies- 3.28 oz bag $3.49

Simple Mills almond flour cookie mix- 9.4 oz box $6.39
Simple Mills double choc. chip cookies- 5.5 oz box $4.29
Jackson’s honest purple heirloom potato chips- 5 oz bag $3.49
Jackson’s honest sweet potato chips- 5 oz bag (x2) $2.99
Mavuno Harvest dried pineapple -6 oz pouch $7.99
Mavuno Harvest dried mango- 6 oz pouch $7.99
Mavuno Harvest dried jackfruit- 6 oz pouch $7.99
Mavuno Harvest dried papaya- 6 oz pouch $7.99
4505 fried pork rinds smokehouse bbq- 2.5 oz bag $3.99
4505 fried pork rinds spicy green chili & lime- 3 oz bag $3.99
Eating evolved dark chocolate coconut butter cups caramel & sea salt- 2 cups (x2) $2.79
GoRaw organic pizza flax snacks- 3 oz bag $3.99
Navitas organic blueberry hemp power snacks- 8 oz bag $6.69

Home & beauty:
Dr. Bronner’s tea tree shaving soap- 7 oz tube $5.99
Mrs. Meyer’s lavender dish soap- 16 oz bottle $3.49
Mrs. Meyer’s lavender hand soap refill 33 oz bottle $6.59

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