The Natural Method: Paleo Movement Training

The Natural Method: Paleo Movement Training

NATURAL BORN HEROES: An excellent book on philosophies and systems of natural fitness throughout history:

PARKOUR STRENGTH TRAINING: For those who want a natural training system but live in the city:

THE NATURAL METHOD: The original book by George Hebert:

WILD STRENGTH: a Great natural strength building book and program:

INSTINCTIVE FITNESS: Great book and fitness program based on activity and movement of native populations:

The natural method of movement training is a physical education system that is designed to create competent and capable movers in real life situations and circumstances. Created by Georges Hebert after experiencing natural disaster and war. The system was loosely based off of previous military physical training as well as gymnastics. However in large part the inspiration was taken from native human populations that still practiced natural ways of living. The strength, grace, mobility, and speed of these populations impressed Hebert and he immediately began implementing these natural forms of movement into his training systems.

Hebert is considered a godfather a modern movement training and his work has inspired modern movement systems such as movnat, parkour, and modern military physical training. Hallmarks of the system include functional strength, obstacle training, martial arts and self defense, swimming, running, climbing, and crawling.

Hebert’s life long motto was “be strong to be useful”.

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