Should you eat dairy on the paleo diet?

Should you eat dairy on the paleo diet?

Dairy is an area that creates a lot of confusion when it comes to the paleo diet. Some people avoid it like the plague, others only stick to butter and ghee and others like me have it as part of their diet as long as it comes from a grass-fed, healthy animal and it’s free of hormones, antibiotics, stress, poor living conditions, etc.

I choose to have dairy because it contains CLA, vitamin K2, the essential amino acids, healthy fat, probiotic bacteria, vitamins and minerals. Basically, because it is a superfood.

Having dairy as part of your paleo diet is your own choice, however, if you decide to do so, it should be high quality dairy, if possible raw (although pasteurised is ok too). When fermented into kefir or yogurt it is even more nutritious, easier to digest due to the extra enzymes and probiotic bacteria and the added benefit of it being less insulinogenic. Goat dairy is also a great option since it’s easier to digest.

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