Keto Golden Milk Latte with MCT Oil

avatarFelicia Lim

Skip the caffeine and whip up this keto golden milk latte with MCT oil to jumpstart your mornings.

If you’ve never heard about MCT oil before, or don’t understand why it’s causing such an uproar, this drink is the perfect way to introduce yourself to its many benefits.

MCT oil (aka medium chain triglycerides) is a saturated fat that’s most commonly extracted from coconut oil. It contains plenty of nutritional benefits to help with weight loss and metabolism for extra energy, plus it has a flavorless taste you can combine with just about anything. (1)

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For this recipe, we combine MCT oil with unsweetened almond milk and warm spices (like ground ginger and cinnamon) to keep things naturally dairy-free. Added turmeric also gives this drink its vibrant color, while adding a touch of anti-inflammatory properties.

To get started, heat the milk in a small saucepan on medium-high until warm. Remove the pan from the stove and let the milk cool slightly for about two minutes. Transfer the milk into a blender and toss in the remaining ingredients.

Then, pulse on high for one minute or until the mixture is nice and frothy. Pour the latte into a serving mug and sprinkle the ground turmeric on top. Enjoy immediately!

Tip: If you prefer an unsweetened version of this drink and want the taste of the spices to stand out more, simply leave out the monk fruit sweetener.

Felicia Lim


Total time:10 mins

Cook Time:5 mins 5 minutes

Prep Time: 5 mins 5 minutes

Nutrition facts:4 grams of protein8 grams of carbohydrates20 grams of fat

Keto Golden Milk Latte with MCT Oil

Recipe by:author Felicia Lim

Skip the caffeine and whip up this keto golden milk latte with MCT oil to jumpstart your mornings.



Looking for Paleo ingredients? Here are a few we’d recommend:
MCT oil (Sports Research)
Turmeric (Simply Organic)
Ground ginger (Simply Organic)
Ground cinnamon (Simply Organic)
Vanilla extract (Frontier)
Monk fruit powder (Julian Bakery)
Monk fruit extract (Smart138)


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