John Durant – Fundamentals of a Paleo Diet: Intro and Q&A – PorcFest X

John Durant – Fundamentals of a Paleo Diet: Intro and Q&A – PorcFest X

This talk will focus on the practical details of eating paleo/primal. More than just a list of “allowable” foods, paleo is an approach to healthy eating that encourages self-experimentation, customization, and local decision-making. The intro will be useful for beginners, whereas the Q&A will be a platform to address more advanced topics from those who may already eat paleo/primal.

John Durant is a leader of the growing ancestral health movement and the author of The Paleo Manifesto (Random House, September 2013). Durant studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard prior to founding Paleo NYC and Barefoot Runners NYC, the largest paleo and barefoot running groups in the world. He has been featured in the New York Times, The Colbert Report, and NPR. He blogs at and tweets @JohnDurant.

John is a former president of the Harvard Libertarian Society.

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