How to Make Pure Organic Feed of Goats Easily ft. Sheikh’s Agriculture and Cattle Farm Urdu Hindi ?

How to Make Pure Organic Feed of Goats Easily ft. Sheikh’s Agriculture and Cattle Farm Urdu Hindi ?

How to Make Pure Organic & Healthy Feed of Goats Easily ft. Sheikh’s Agriculture and Cattle Farm in Urdu Hindi ?
In this video you will watch the pure organic feed for male goats only. Note, this feed is not that good for female those are to be pregnant in a while. Non-pregnant goats should eat other feed that you will watch in my other video.
Organic Feed is known in Urdu Hindi Punjabi as Wanda, Bakron Ka Wanda, Gai Bachron Ka Wanda Formula.
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It is a major contribution to the low-income farmers. Cattle’s are easy source of income / sustainability for them especially in countries like Pakistan & India.

Top 10 benefits of Cows, Bulls, Calves and other Cattle Farming:
1 Dung of the animal can be used to manure crops
2 Get fresh milk from the dairy animals
3 Thety feed on grass which will reduce the cost of artificial feeds
4 The draught cattle can be used in agricultural fields
5 Animal wastes can be used for enriching the soil
6 It provides employment to large number of people
7 The dung from the cattle is used for compost making. during compost making, the gas formed, methane, can be used for various purposes.
8 Calves when born can be sold, there by gaining a fair amount of money.
9 In countries where agriculture is a major contribution to its economy/GDP, esp like Pakistan & India, cattle are a major contribution to the rural economy and cattle products contributes a major portion to its GDP.
10 Cows rarely have multiple offspring, which means stronger single offspring and less trouble for the cow to rear a calf herself.

Cattle farming, or livestock production in general is vital for a number of reasons.
Because of their size, cattle and their offspring are much less vulnerable to predators than are sheep and goats, which require guard dogs in many cases.

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Here is the brief information about the benefits of cattle farming:
The meat of the cows and bulls produces by-product:
A by-product is something produced in the course of making the main product.
In the beef industry, the main product we produce from the cows is beef—the hamburgers, steaks and roast beef we enjoy eating. A beef by-product is something made from a cow besides the beef we eat. To illustrate, an 1150 pound market steer yields approximately 500 pounds of beef. Nearly all of the remaining weight is recovered as by-products.

Edible Cattle By-Products are things we can eat.
Some edible beef cattle by-products are fairly well known such as variety meats. The nutritious value of liver, kidneys, brains, tripe, sweetbreads, and tongue has been acknowledged for quite a while. Other important edible by-products are less well known. Fats yield oleo stock and oleo oil for margarine and shortening. Oleo stearin is used in making chewing gum and certain candies. Gelatin produced from bones and skins is used in marshmallows, ice cream, canned meats, and gelatin desserts. Intestines may provide natural sausage casings.

Inedible Cows & Bulls By-Products are things we cannot eat.
You probably use at least one item containing inedible beef cows & bulls by-products every day. For example, you probably know that the beef hide is used to make leather, but did you know that the hide also supplies felt and other textiles? It provides a base for many ointments, binders for plaster and asphalt, and a base for the insulation material used to cool and heat your house. In addition, “camel hair” artists’ brushes are not really made from camel hair but from the fine hair found in the ears and tails of beef cattle. Footballs, which used to be called “pigskins,” are also generally produced from cattle hide.

Industrial oils and lubricants, tallow for tanning, soaps, lipsticks, face and hand creams, some medicines are produced from the inedible fats from beef. Fatty acids are used in the production of chemicals, biodegradable detergents, pesticides, and flotation agents. One fatty acid is used to make automobile tires run cooler and, therefore last longer.

Bones, horns, and hooves also supply important by-products. These include buttons, bone china, piano keys, glues, fertilizer, and gelatin for photographic film, paper, wallpaper, sandpaper, combs, toothbrushes, and violin string.

Medicinal By-Products are things used by your doctor.

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