Fluffy Sweet Potato Pound Cake with Maple Glaze

avatarDanielle Moore

Get a double dose of sweet potato in this fluffy pound cake with a creamy, dairy-free glaze.

This moist and fluffy take on a classic pound cake gets its naturally sweet flavor from creamy puréed sweet potatoes and rich maple syrup. Armed with a whisk and a sifter, you’re ready to transform these whole food ingredients into a healthier dessert.

How To Make Light-as-air Pound Cake

In this recipe, a few key ingredients work together to keep this cake light and airy. First, the sweet potato purée not only sneaks in some hidden veggies, but also adds moisture. This veggie purée acts as a fat substitute when baked, so we scale back the ghee a bit to hit that coveted moisture balance.

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Next, sifting the flours together before mixing the batter is an easy way to ensure a fluffier outcome. Sifting works to aerate the flours, giving them a lighter role in our cake. It also helps to ensure everything is evenly mixed and clump-free.


Making The Glaze, Without Refined Sugar

Traditional glazes call for heaps of powdered cane sugar. For this creamy glaze, we’re building on the natural sweetness of sweet potato and maple syrup. The trick to getting the right consistency is dissolving a bit of tapioca flour into the almond milk before adding the sweet potato and maple syrup. This helps to thicken the glaze as it simmers, so you get those perfect drips.

Helpful Tips To Get You Started:

  • Let your cake cool. It’s always tempting to dive right into baked goods fresh out the oven, but allowing both the cake and the glaze time to set is worth the wait.
  • The fridge can help, if you’re in a pinch. After 30 minutes of cooling on a wire rack, the cake can go in the refrigerator to solidify the glaze if you’re in a hurry.
  • Be gentle with the glaze. This glaze is delicious and dumping it all over your cake might appeal, but all the cake really needs is a light layer. Gently drizzle the glaze over the cake until it’s just coated, and let it set fully before slicing.
Danielle Moore


Total time:2 hrs
10 mins

Inactive Time:60 mins 60 minutes

Cook Time:60 mins 60 minutes

Prep Time: 10 mins 10 minutes

Nutrition facts:5 grams of protein27 grams of carbohydrates15 grams of fat

Fluffy Sweet Potato Pound Cake with Maple Glaze

Recipe by:author Danielle Moore

Get a double dose of sweet potato in this fluffy pound cake with a creamy, dairy-free glaze.


For the Pound Cake:

For the Glaze:


Looking for Paleo ingredients? Here are a few we’d recommend:
Ghee (Pure Indian Foods)
Vanilla extract (Frontier)
Almond flour (Hodgson Mill)
Tapioca flour (Authentic Foods)
Baking powder (Hain)
Ground cinnamon (Simply Organic)


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