diet for osteoarthritis relief | diet food programs | paleo diet review

diet for osteoarthritis relief | diet food programs | paleo diet review

diet for type 2 diabetes to lose weight | diet coke and mentos instructions | diet pill to lose 60 pounds
Hi, I’m Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian. I have a little bit of information, easy to understand diabetic diets. Well, it might not always seem easy at first; but, once you get the hang of things, you really will move into that pattern and start recognizing good foods and bad foods for your personal diet. Now, keep in mind, diabetes really focuses around the amount of carbohydrates we have per day and the consistency that we consume these carbohydrates. Fifteen grams is your magic number and you really need to get good at looking at your nutrition facts labels because just because something is package as one serving doesn’t mean it’s one carbohydrate choice for you. Consider a hamburger. You have two parts to the bun which is a normal serving that’s actually two carbohydrate choices. So again, fifteen grams is really that magic number. Now, it’s hard to say how many carbohydrates you particularly need. If you’re really interested in focusing on your diet, please consult a dietitian in your area and really get the information personalized for you. Now again, keeping those cars, car, carbohydrates consistent really does help to keep your blood sugar levels consistent as well. And, making sure you’re choosing high fiber carbohydrates versus processed and simple sugars. Again, all these information is found on the nutrition facts label. Look for a higher fiber, more than two grams per servings if possible. Now, fifteen grams, higher fiber and keeping the carb consume, consumption consistent throughout the day. Hopefully that will get you onto the easy track of learning the diabetic diet. I’m Charlotte and eat happy.

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