Chris Kresser: Can the Paleo Diet Reduce Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases?

Chris Kresser: Can the Paleo Diet Reduce Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases?

(Part 1 of 4)) That’s the open question. To what extent can any diet ultimately promote lasting good health for life? And if so, is the Paleo Diet the one? The only one?

Chris Kresser, “a practitioner of integrative and functional medicine” (M.S., L.A.C.) believes that the chronic diseases that largely afflict the advanced nations, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc.) are a direct result of modern agriculture and our efforts to reduce our saturated fat intake. Simply put, Kresser says, we are consuming foods like grains and legumes that are not nutritionally sufficient calories in place of nutrient dense foods (meat and fish, seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables) which satisfy our hunger more efficiently and that our bodies are better designed (from an evolutionary standpoint) to handle.

Instead, Kresser argues that the paleo diet and in particular his book, Your Personal Paleo Diet, can provide a practical guide for eating foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before the dawn of farming. He also points out, our ancient ancestors did not have those chronic diseases.

As with any recommendations that pertain to issues of personal health, those with medical conditions or problematic family health histories are advised to first consult their doctor before beginning any new regimen.

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