3-Layer Cookies n’ Cream Mousse

avatarJennafer Ashley

Dig into this triple-layer mousse, complete with crispy cookie crumbles and dairy-free whipped cream!

Each layer of this decadent dessert is filled with natural flavors that are rich in fiber and completely grain-free. Easy to make, this recipe creates four single servings you can easily share with the entire family.

The first layer is a Paleo take on cream-filled cookie sandwiches but with way less sugar. To replicate a similar Oreo-like taste, we sub in raw cacao and almond flour for the chocolate cookies and coconut butter for the cream filling. Tip: You can use any Paleo-friendly cookie as the base, we just love how the Oreo-like filling blends with the mousse in this one.

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The middle layer is a blend of avocado, cacao powder, and coconut milk blended until smooth and sweetened with maple syrup. Cacao powder adds a high concentration of powerful antioxidants, while the avocado is rich in healthy fats. (1)

The final layer is a coconut whipped cream mixed with “chocolatey” cookie crumbles. Its fluffy texture is a result of blending the coconut cream with rich vanilla to make a dairy-free version of traditional Cool Whip.

When you’re ready, simply pile on the layers and dig in!

Jennafer Ashley


Total time:50 mins

Cook Time:20 mins 20 minutes

Prep Time: 30 mins 30 minutes

3-Layer Cookies n’ Cream Mousse

Recipe by:author Jennafer Ashley

Feed into your sweet tooth with a triple-layer mousse, complete with crispy cookie crumbles and dairy-free whipped cream.


For the Cookie:

For the Cookie Cream Filling:

For the Mousse:

For the Coconut Whipped Cream:


Looking for Paleo ingredients? Here are a few we’d recommend:
Almond flour (Hodgson Mill)
Raw cacao powder (Healthworks)
Cold pressed coconut oil (Viva Naturals)
Monk fruit powder (Julian Bakery)
Coconut butter (Artisana)
Coconut milk (Native Forest)
Coconut cream (Native Forest)
Vanilla extract (Frontier)


PS: The crunchy and creamy blend of textures in this cookies and cream mousse might be hard to beat, but there are many more Paleo desserts to be found in our book, Paleo Sweets.

S’mores brownies with fluffy toasted marshmallow tops and impossibly rich chocolate pudding pie are just a few of over 60 Paleo-friendly recipes found in the book. You’ll love that you can still indulge and keep in line with your health goals.

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