10-Minute Asparagus Blanketed in Creamy Hollandaise

avatarDanielle Moore

Blend up your favorite brunchy sauce and pour over crisp asparagus in this 10-minute recipe.

Hollandaise usually requires a rapidly moving whisk over a hot stove. It’s no secret that this coveted sauce is a wrist-exhausting exercise in patience.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to make the brunch mainstay, and it will deliver even creamier results. So, give your wrists a break and try this blender-friendly trick!

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Is A Blender Really As Good As A Whisk?

The consistent, vigorous nature of the blender produces a delightfully fluffy sauce. The goal with hollandaise is an emulsion, which allows fat and water to coexist harmoniously. The egg yolks in this sauce mediate between fat and water, producing a rich and velvety texture.


Temperature, too, plays a big role. The first key is using room temperature egg yolks, which adds volume to the hollandaise. The blender itself heats the egg yolks slightly without cooking them, and the lemon acts to stabilize the yolks. Make sure your ghee is hot, but not bubbling when you slowly stream it in.

Some Tips To Get Started:

  • Start cold, then warm your eggs. Egg yolks are easiest to separate when they’re cold, so separate them first then set the yolks out to come to room temperature.
  • Pour the ghee in slowly. Gradually pouring the hot ghee in slowly heats the eggs, but pouring it in too quickly will overcook them. You’ll end up with chunky, not creamy, hollandaise sauce.
  • Keep it fresh. This is best served freshly whipped, so make it just before serving.
  • Experiment with your base. This hollandaise is delectable when poured over pretty much any brunch dish, so use it on your favorite veggies, or even over Paleo English muffins and ham.
Danielle Moore


Total time:10 mins

Cook Time:2 mins 2 minutes

Prep Time: 8 mins 8 minutes

Nutrition facts:3 grams of protein5 grams of carbohydrates23 grams of fat

10-Minute Asparagus Blanketed in Creamy Hollandaise

Recipe by:author Danielle Moore

Blend up your favorite brunchy sauce and pour over crisp asparagus in this 10-minute recipe.



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